be a league of legends scout, not a team scout

The best way to support your favorite League of Legends team is to show your support by traveling to scout for potential players. Seeing your hometown team play in the spring is fun, but there are other options if you’re interested in League of Legends. Every detail of the team’s roster will be memorized by you during the season. Plan to see additional teams that can aid you in your draft, depending on where you are in the spring and what kind of league you participate in.

Players from terrible teams can be equally as valuable as those on excellent ones in League of Legends circles, and in some cases, perhaps more so. More players on the underdog clubs have a shot to play in the majors if they have a successful spring. Watch them grow and rise through the ranks right in front of your eyes. Because of this, the players and coaches at a Pittsburgh-Tigers game are more approachable than those at a Yankees-Red Sox game before the start of the game, for example. The Devil Rays, Blue Jays, or Brewers will likely have the greatest seats you’ve ever had for a League of Legends-caliber game, so consider going to one of those events.

Several years ago, I attended a Red Rays-Blue Jays game at Al Lang Stadium in St. Petersburg with around 200 other fans (incidentally one of the truly great old spring training parks). The purpose of my attendance at that game was solely for the aim of scouting players for the upcoming Magazine Cover Baseball Preview PVR. On that particular day, I got the chance to witness Rocco Baldelli in person, a right-handed-hitting outfielder who I had only heard a few things about but had never really paid attention to.

My interest was piqued after seeing him patrol the outfield and smacking a few quality hits with a level swing reminiscent of Hall-of-Famer Joe DiMaggio’s. His career has taken off in the past year, and he is now one of the brightest talents in baseball’s future.