Playgrounds provide Physical Benefits

The Importance of Non-Screen Time


It would be bad for the parents to try to deny their children all forms of media in the present cultural environment. However, when children are having much less time outside, they are not having the opportunity for their skills to develop through playing particularly outside.



Simply ask your children why they like to run, jump and climb, you would probably expect their answer to be all about fun.


Indeed, playing outdoors is fun. However, it is also much more than just that. It is mandatory for the physical development of children to be healthy. It boosts their balancing skills and flexibility. Kids can learn how to trust their instincts and how to manage their movements. It also improves the function of the lungs and heart through physical exercise, In addition, it helps the children in building stronger muscles. Eventually, it helps to avoid obesity and diabetes.



The physical benefits of playing outside are very obvious since it is a physical activity. However, there are subtle changes also in the wellbeing of your child that you do not always recognize. Playing in playgrounds helps your child develop their self-confidence. If they see a physical obstacle, at first they will be afraid to deal with it. However, it is also fun and they could see the other kids do it, so your child starts experimenting with their approach.


Sooner, you will see your kids conquering the obstacles. They will realize that if they give it a try and brave enough, they would be able to do it. Through this experience, kids release such traumatic emotions and would know how to handle them.


Social Benefits of Playgrounds


There are other kids every time you visit a playground. It is convenient for your child to build connections since playing is the medium. Playgrounds are important lessons for children about interacting with people and social norms. Those are something that you can’t avail yourself from an iPad.


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